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I Finally Found an Excellent Birth Course: and It’s All Online

I am approached to review birth classes A LOT. I’ve listened to a number of them and, while they are very good, they...

Five People Who Should Know You’re Pregnant

For the most part, deciding when and whom you tell about your pregnancy is 100% your business. That said, there are some reasons why...

Is Your Pregnancy App Making You Paranoid?

Pregnant, at last! And so it began. A dialogue between me and my baby. Sorry, I mean me and my baby app. My baby...

Why Mom-Shaming Exists

“Raise your hand if you’ve ever felt personally victimized by Regina George?” Remember that line? Swap Regina George with mom-shaming and it applies surprisingly...


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Best Gifts for Pregnant Women

Looking for some of the best gifts for pregnant women? Here are some pregnancy-related presents for the mom-to-be in your life, whether she’s a...

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The Grief and the Grace of a Pandemic Pregnancy

When the Coronavirus alarm bells first started sounding, it felt like the universe was playing a cruel joke on me. I had relied on...

9 Months of Random Thoughts (and Random Googling)

Month One: OMG. It’s positive. Wait, is it really positive? It’s kinda faint. I should go buy, like, ten more and take them. Ok. It’s...

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