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How to Gracefully Deal with Unsolicited Parenting Advice

After I had my son, it was like there was a secret newsletter that went out (to everyone but me) saying that I didn’t have...

Is Your Pregnancy App Making You Paranoid?

Pregnant, at last! And so it began. A dialogue between me and my baby. Sorry, I mean me and my baby app. My baby...

I Finally Found an Excellent Birth Course: and It’s All Online

I am approached to review birth classes A LOT. I’ve listened to a number of them and, while they are very good, they...

5 Reactions You’ll Get When Sharing Your First-Time Baby News

Many would agree that finding out you are pregnant is an exciting and special thing. For those planned and much yearned for pregnancies, the...


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Best Pregnancy & Baby Products for 2017

Well, it’s that time of year again where I pack up my flat iron and head to Vegas for the ABC Kids Expo. The whole...

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Reassuring Words About Giving Birth in a Crisis.

Courtesy of Alice Sibley I asked readers who had given birth in a less than ideal situation if they had any advice for someone facing the...

It’s Possible to Hate Pregnancy, but Love Motherhood

I was one of those people who absolutely could not wait to be pregnant. I fantasized about what I would look like with a...

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