Best Pregnancy & Baby Products for 2018

Here’s what we scoped out this year!

Lamaze Spin and Explore Garden Gym

29 of the Best Pregnancy & Baby Products for 2018: Lamaze Spin and Explore - makes tummy time less miserable.

My kids HATED tummy time so I thought this Spin & Explore Garden Gym from Lamaze looked really cool. Your baby can rotate themselves around while checking out all the goods on the fun playmat. (Kelly wants an adult size one to make her workday more efficient 😜 )You can find it here.

Swipen Snap Diaper Cream

Love this new Swipen Diaper Creams Dispenser from 29 of the Best Pregnancy & Baby Products for 2018

Holding up baby legs while trying to unscrew the cap on the diaper cream is a pain in the ass (yuk yuk). So I love that this brilliant mom came up with this cap to make one-handed diaper cream application a snap. It sells for $10 and is available on her site.

Moby Diaper bag

Moby's inexpensive AND beautiful gender neutral diaper bag was listed as one of the 29 Best Pregnancy & Baby Products for 2018

This diaper bag from Moby caught our eye because of its cool, sleek design. I was shocked to find out it was only going to be $45 because it looked a lot more expensive when I was up close and personal with it. It has a great teal interior so you can see all your crap and corruption and a padded shoulder strap for extra comfort. You can shop it here.

First Years Bottle Warmer

29 of the Best Pregnancy & Baby Products for 2018: First Years Bottle Warmer

You can prep all your bottles the night before, set them in this insulated holder, then hit the remote beside your bed when the baby wakes up. By the time you shuffle down the hall with the baby, you have a perfectly warmed bottle ready to go. You can shop for it here.

Earth Mama Baby Face (and new packaging)

29 of the Best Pregnancy & Baby Products for 2018: Earth Mama Baby Face - it's a killer lip balm too. It's just like Laura Mercier's Lip Silk!

I was SO happy to see that Earth Mama dropped the “Angel Baby” (it was a mouthful) and updated their look so they awesome look outside matches the awesomeness inside. They have added some great products to the line this year including Baby Face Organic Nose and Cheek Balm. It feels like a dream and smells like a kitten sigh – I used some on my lips as a quick lip balm. It will sell for $9.99 and is available now.

Project Nursery Dreamweaver

29 of the Best Pregnancy & Baby Products for 2018: this dreamweaver firefly bluetooth night light would be amazing in a woodland theme nursery!

If you’re going for a woodland nursery theme, I thought this Dreamweaver light from Project Nursery was cool.  It’s a wireless speaker that can pipe your favorite tunes into your child’s room while the little “fireflies” gently flicker on and off inside. (I could have done without the logo on the front but I still think it’s sweet.) It sells for $39.99 and you can find it on their site and Amazon.

Veer Wagon

29 of the Best Pregnancy & Baby Products for 2018: Veer Wagon Stroller hybrid

I was really intrigued when I saw the press release on this. The Veer Cruiser is a hybrid of a premium stroller – with its car seat adaptor, cup holders and canopy – merged with the utility (and fun) of a wagon. Bonus: because of the push function, you may be able to take these suckers into Disney so keep an eye out for them. It will sell for $599 and is available now – you can find it on Amazon.

Gecko Blocks

29 of the Best Pregnancy & Baby Products for 2018: lightweight silicone covered blocks 'stick' to each other. Would make a great gift for a little girl or boy around the 12 month old mark.

These block are lightweight foam coated in silicone so they ‘stick’. They are easy to stack so tiny hands can still create kick ass structures without the frustration factor of continuous tower topplings. You can even use them in the bath. You can find them on Amazon and they sell for $30.

Boon Squirt Toys

29 of the Best Pregnancy & Baby Products for 2018: Boon bath toys unscrew so you can clean them easily (no gross mold!)

Oh Boon, you never fail me with your bath toys (I’m looking at you, my beloved Marco!) These Squirt bath toys easily screw apart so you don’t have rabid sea monkeys growing in the bath toys your baby inevitably sucks on in the tub. Plus, they screw together rather than snap together so they don’t accidentally break apart when you squirt them. You can shop them here.

Unbuckle Me

29 of the Best Pregnancy & Baby Products for 2018: safe and easy way to save your hands (or nails) from tight car seat clips.

I get a little twitchy whenever I see car seat stuff, but this UnbuckleMe is a great idea. It’s a small plastic tool that makes it easier to unbuckle a child’s car seat buckle. Designed by an Occupational Therapist, it helps with people with arthritis, people with long nails, or just people that find pushing that damn button difficult. You keep it with you (not on the car seat) so it doesn’t interfere with the car seat function while driving nor can your child bust free while driving on the highway. Two stiff thumbs up! They are available now on their site for $14.99.

JuJuBe pump bag

29 of the Best Pregnancy & Baby Products for 2018: new pump bag from Jujube

Many people are passionate about JuJuBe so I was excited to see that they are coming out with a pump bag. They have two versions – the Be Supplied and the Be Pumped, and they have separate compartments for your pump that can convert to a regular diaper bag when you need it. You’ll be able to find them November 7th and they will sell for $125 (Be Supplied) and $200 (Be Pumped).

NUK Simply Natural Freemie Double Electric Breast Pump

29 of the Best Pregnancy & Baby Products for 2018: NUK Freemie hands-free breast pump - it is SO quiet!

We couldn’t get over how quiet this pump was! It sells for around $300 and you can find it here.

Skip Hop light up diaper caddy

29 of the Best Pregnancy & Baby Products for 2018: Skip Hop light up diaper caddy. This would make a great baby shower gift for any new mom.

Skip Hop has come out with this sharp diaper caddy that you can tote around the house. Best part, it has a little light in the handle so you’re not fumbling around for the wipes when dealing with a nighttime poosplosion. It is available now on the Skip Hop site, and costs $40.

Little Unicorn Big Kid Quilt

29 of the Best Pregnancy & Baby Products for 2018: Little Unicorn big kid quilts. They look handmade from the stunning custom watercolor artwork but are made by this US based company. They are large enough to be used as a comfy throw for grown-ups too.

Little Unicorn makes some of the most gorgeous swaddles so we were really jazzed to find these Big Kid Quilts. They are the softest most cosy blankets you’ll ever drape yourself in and I was tempted to make a run for it with the Pineapple print above. They have an illustrator on staff that creates all the images and they are just soooo beautiful. The Big Kid quilts will be available in the new year and run between $85-$98.

Halo Snoozy Pod

29 of the Best Pregnancy & Baby Products for 2018: Halo Snoozy pod. Slips under a crib or toddler mattress. Vibrates, night light and plays tunes to help your baby or toddler sleep.

Halo has recently come out with this Snoozy Pod and we thought it was interesting. It slides under your baby’s crib (or bed mattress) and gently vibrates to help your baby sleep. It includes sounds, night lights, etc. it was the vibrations and the portability that we dug the most. It sells for $80 and you can already find them on Amazon.

Medela Quick Clean Breast Pump and Accessory Sanitizer

29 of the Best Pregnancy & Baby Products for 2018: quick clean breast pump spray. Great for when you want to clean your pump parts on the go.

Medela is coming out with a quick clean sanitizer so you can give a quick spritz then toss your pump parts back in your bag so you don’t have to wash stuff out on the go. It will be available January of 2018 and sell for $7.99.

Kip & Co swaddles

29 of the Best Pregnancy & Baby Products for 2018: Kip & Co. swaddles -- amazing unique designs for baby swaddles and bedding. I think the pizza version is my favorite - the package is a milk carton.

Kip & Co has some amazing designs if you’re looking for something a little outside the box. Their swaddles come with cheetah patterns, outer space, watermelons and (my fave) pizza slices. Plus, they come packed in this amazing milk carton design – makes for a nice “wow” gift. Their swaddle sets sell for $49 and many of them are available on their site now.

Pop Yum Bottles

29 of the Best Pregnancy & Baby Products for 2018: PopYum bottles. Store the formula and water separately then 'pop' and shake. Brilliant design.

PopYum stores water and formula separately in the bottle. When hunger calls simply press the buttons to release the seal, shake it to mix and you’re ready to go. You can even use it to store breast milk – the seal prevents accidental leaking from the bottle nipple. You can shop them here.

Shrunks Inflatable Bath Tub

29 of the Best Pregnancy & Baby Products for 2018: Inflatable bath tub that's bigger than an infant tub. Great for travel, camping or just saving water (and head bonks on the side of a hard tub)

This inflatable bathtub from Shrunks caught our eye because it’s larger than your average baby tub so you can use it for bigger kids making it great for travel, grandma’s house, the cottage, camping or even popping in your own tub so you aren’t filling up the bathtub every night. The inflatable sides are nice to minimize head bonks too. You can find them on Amazon for $24.99.

Go Shins

29 of the Best Pregnancy & Baby Products for 2018: GoShins - they are like socks on crocs!

These clever shoes are like “socks on Crocs” they are soft, flexible and provide great traction for little feet. They come in THE CUTEST styles (I think Cheeky Panda and Peep Peep are my favorites) and you can already find them at for around $33.

Green Toys Wagon

29 of the Best Pregnancy & Baby Products for 2018: Green Toys Wagon - this would make a great gift for any baby boy or girl.

You know I love me some Green Toys – eco-friendly U.S.A. made toys with incredible play value –you can even toss them in the dishwasher. Their new Wagon is sturdy and durable, and features a 100% cotton rope handle that easily tucks inside for convenient, safe storage that can haul stuff indoors and out. It available now (it’s already on Amazon’s 2017 top toys list) and it sells for $25.

Bink Safety Stuff

29 of the Best Pregnancy & Baby Products for 2018: Baby proof your home in style with these gorgeous safety products.

It’s about damn time that someone made nice looking safety stuff! Bink makes modern baby and child safety products  that are designed to be longer lasting, safer and complementary (aka not butt ugly). Right now they have safety corners, a magnetic cord holder for blinds and outlet covers. You can find them on and range in price from $13 to $30.


LectroFan Kinder

29 of the Best Pregnancy & Baby Products for 2018: night light and sound machine that connects to your smartphone is great for any nursery.

I am obsessed with my Lectrofan sound machine (it drowns out my husband’s snoring which has prevented his murder many a night) so I was stoked to see that they are coming out with an app controlled night light version for nurseries. It plugs into an outlet and cranks out the same rich, non-looping sounds that the LectroFan does but also includes lullabies and a variety of nature sounds that you can control from your phone. You can find it here.

UPPABaby Minu

29 of the Best Pregnancy & Baby Products for 2018: UPPABaby Minu lightweight stroller. It's under 15lbs, has a one-handed fold, can carry a car seat, and can be used from birth. Great stroller for travel (or Disney).

If you’re a fan of lightweight stollers, UPPABaby is coming out with this Minu. It’s under 15lbs, has a one-handed fold, can carry a car seat, and can be used from birth. It will be available in the Spring of 2018 and will sell for around $400.

Guzzie+Guss Oxygen stroller

29 of the Best Baby Products for 2018: this lightweight stroller is just over 11lbs! It would be great for travel.

Gussie+Guss do a great job of making strollers with high end features at a lower price point. Their Oxygen stroller is lightweight, has a one-hand fold, full recline, weighs 11.8lbs and has a killer canopy. You can also attach their universal stroller hitch which I think would make for a bad ass setup if you’re travelling with a baby and a kid (hello Disney). Best part is that it’s going to sell for $199 which is a great price compared to many of its counterparts. It should be available Spring 2018.

Milestone Baby Blocks or Special Moment Booklets

Milestone Baby 'Firsts' These would make an amazing inexpensive (and unique) baby gift for a foodie, traveller, etc.
milestone blocks

I am a huge fan of Milestone’s Original Baby cards because they make you look like a photography pro with very little effort. So we were excited to see their Special Moments Booklets which include a series of themed cards to use in your milestone photos (i.e. all the moments you might want to capture at your baby’s first birthday, Christmas, etc.).

They are also coming out with Milestone blocks. I love the ones you find on Etsy but many are pretty pricey because they’ve been handcrafted by Parisian Unicorns so this lightweight version feels like a better choice for a (albeit beautiful) photo prop.