I Finally Found an Excellent Birth Course: and It’s All Online

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I am approached to review birth classes A LOT. I’ve listened to a number of them and, while they are very good, they aren’t totally in step with my philosophy so I don’t recommend them to you. They aren’t bad, but they just aren’t my jam.

Happily I’ve found one that is – The “Know Your Options Childbirth Course

Computer showing online childbirth course instructors Bryn and Stephanie

So Bryn runs the Birth Hour podcast and teamed up with Stephanie Spitzer-Hanks – birth and postpartum doula, childbirth educator and lactation counselor, to pull together a very comprehensive birth course. It’s a 12 module digital course that covers the end of pregnancy to newborn care and it is PACKED with “I had no idea” great content.

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The Ultimate Online Childbirth Course

I find a lot of birth courses focus on a certain method – like an unmedicated birth – and deal with any interventions as an unfortunate side narrative. This course covers everything from planned caesareans, induction, epidurals, breastfeeding and bottle feeding which I felt made it more inclusive and approachable. I never felt like she was trying to talk you into a certain way of giving birth just educating you about everything out there so you can figure out what’s is right for you. She also didn’t bash hospitals and she does a really nice job of making you feel informed and in control without it being at the expense of the nurses or doctors.

It’s not cheap though. At just under $400 this isn’t a drop in the bucket for most people, however, it covers a ton of ground with no fluff.

computer showing online childbirth course from The Birth Hour

Know Your Options Childbirth Course you get:

  • The 12 modules:
    • Pre-Labor
    • Planned Cesarean
    • Early Labor
    • Induction
    • Active Labor
    • ​​​Transition
    • ​​​​​​Pushing
    • ​​Baby’s First Day
    • Postpartum Recovery For Mom
    • Establishing Breastfeeding
    • Bottle Feeding
    • Newborn Care Basics
  • Course workbook
  • A bonus Back-2-Work Breastfeeding Course
  • A bunch of bonus downloads – hospital bag checklist, printouts, etc
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Lifetime access so you go back to it for baby 2, 3, 4 and 17 😉
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Is the Know Your Options Childbirth Course worth it?

I would say, yes.

It’s a self-paced program so you don’t have to haul your ass to a weekly course after work once a week – you could sit on the couch with a pile of snacks and binge watch it all in one day if you want. The tone is friendly and not judgy and all of it is evidenced based and researched – she doesn’t make claims that she can’t point to a study to back it up. I learned a ton from it and never felt overwhelmed. I feel like it’s a good investment if you can swing it.