Letter Board Ideas for Pregnancy and Babies

Cute letter board ideas

This simple announcement is just so sweet


I’m sold as soon as you include a dog. They look surprised too – “Wait. What? You’ve having a baby?!”


How awesome is a shot like this for your kids? They get to see how young and happy and not-tired you were.


This woman documented her pregnancy so well that it put everyone else to shame. Also, I need this Ddwight Sschrute shirt. Badly.


Document how you’re feeling that day. (Amen to that statement, too)


I love the angle and how she included her other adorable kids.


It’s like letter boards were made for birth announcements.


Adorable dog and baby to mark milestones? Yes, please!


What a great way to get a nice stats/hospital shot. I’m thinking this shot would need something to stand on or a tall person.


I love the in shot caption treatment.


A couple of nice, simple props are a great way to show the scale of that growing cutie patootie.


As long as you have kids, you’ll have content 😉

The most common sizes seem to be 10 x 10 and 12 x 18, but you can go to town and pick all kinds of color backgrounds, sizes, and frame materials.